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Custom Project

This is our advantage that we are proud of the most.

Grace to our construction and manufacturing technology we are able to produce high-end quality framework in full accordance with your project.

Why are we so proud of it? Is there anything unique?
Most companies are ready to produce a wooden frame house upon client's project.

Oh yes, they are ready!

But how can four men who have not done anything similar before, assemble a house of more than 200 square meters in three days?

Only thorough construction combined with modern manufacturing technologies allow us to reach such precision of all details that house assembly becomes a child's play.

Our experience and technologies enable us to embody even the most complicated project into safe and beautiful construction.

Moreover, it is not necessary that your project is worked out for wooden construction.

It will suffice if you give us only the proportions – all the rest technical joints and details will be developed by our engineers in order to ensure maximum construction safety, installation simplicity and transportability.

You want to know whether it is possible to put you project into action with our technology, and how much will it cost?

Our qualified engineers will analyze it and we will send to you the price offer for the framework of your house.

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