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prefabricated houses in europe by frame house pics


Wooden frame-panel technology houses of high-end class.

Concerning actual requirements for residential buildings the frame technology is the optimal solution.

This statement is not an advertisement slogan, but a scientific fact.

As we know, the optimal solution is the one which maximizes or minimizes a certain parameter within the restrictions set.

In modern construction this parameter is energetic effectiveness.

What are the restrictions?

First of all these are engineering restrictions, such as strength properties of the building, resistance to snow, wind and earthquake loads.

Current ecological requirements also impose certain limitations.

And finally, the most severe and inexorable restriction – price.

From all currently available technologies of low-height construction, wooden frame houses fit into all limitations most fully and have unprecedented energetic effectiveness at the same time.

In a frame house everything besides furnishings is insulation, which provides an outstanding energetic effectiveness along with meeting all the other actual construction requirements.

Our company focuses on factory production of the most important and responsible part of a wooden frame-panel house, namely, wooden frame panels themselves, as well as roof framing and floor structure systems.

A distinctive feature of our company is possibility to manufacture these constructions for any type of your project.

But what makes us eligible to claim that our houses (better to tell – your houses built with our frameworks) are of the High-End quality?

In any issue a High-End is something that exceeds medium level significantly, confers the most thorough attention even to the tiniest details, something that is nearly perfect.

These are our frameworks.

Judge yourself:
The selected north timber that we use for our frameworks proves extra density and constructive reliability.

All the timber is dried in special kilns until its humidity falls lower than 16% to guarantee that the timber will not dry out or otherwise go wrong inside a ready framework. Besides, dry timber never rots.

After drying the timber is planed.

Planing allows us to reach a perfect geometry in our frameworks.

Our modern technologies of construction and manufacturing allow us to produce units with supreme precision.

And finally, the size...

Believe us, in this case size doesn't matter.

Boards that we use have 195 mm in width (!) which enables us to put 200 mm wide insulant into the framework.

For ledgers and door/window trimmers we use 70 mm wide board to add even more constructive solidity to our production.

A little bit more about employed technologies and materials see in the Technologies section.